A search for new business cases

Feeding Good can develop new types of concepts or help in implementing concepts within your program. In the following some developed concepts:

Resilient food cultures: Sustainability is trying to minimize the human footprint of our food. But unfortunately habits loss, climate change and water pollution is just increasing and therefore sustainability will not 'safe' us from disaster. This means that besides sustainability we have to prepare people and their food (food cultures) for the impact; in other words make food cultures more resilient to challenges ahead.

Culinary memories: Food culture is like sustainability and change an all-purpose word; nobody really understand what it means. Historically it describes the customs in a certain region, but in modern times when people and cultures fuse rapidly, food cultures are never a real culture but more a perception of a culture and people act as having more than one culture. Therefore it is better to work with a concept like culinary memory. Everyone start with a tabularasa when they are born and every day they build new experiences on top of it. The more experiences they have the more they are capable to adjust to new circumstances. In terms of resilience diversification of culinary memories is the goal and we have to start with that when we are young.

Food Culture map: Since just two years cities around the globe have embraced resilience. The food culture map is a policy tool to make food cultures in a city resilience and plan production in a way that people can have access to the food they can handle in taste and preparation.

Culinary farming: Chefs and farmers hardly meet. Therefore chefs don't know what is available and farmers don't know what chefs are looking for. Therefore Feeding Good started th4 culinary farm back in 2009; a farm where chefs take the lead and the knowledge is shared with farmers cooperations for scaling.


And then more practical:


Underground street vender: I wanted to seduce street venders for a life long-learning-program. I developed a concept where a topchef, dressed as a street vender made the same food in a very busy street in Accra. He used the same ingredients, but prepared it with accurate knowledge and skills and therefore made a more delicious meal. After a month he made more money, street venders became curious and we could offer the education program.

Fermented pumpkin juice and slices: When visiting a farmer in Ghana I came by a huge pile of rotten pumpkin. Too much harvest at the same time and no cooling installation. I developed 2 recipes with milk-acid fermentation of pumpkin that the farmers can keep very long and can be served next too the rice and stew sold on streets. They can even make more money out od the food waste.