Tell us what you want to get out of the partnership!

Resilient food cultures will benefit both business and society. In fact there is no other option. Therefore we want to invite companies, non-governmental and governmental institutions to become a partner of the playgrounds and experiment together with us with appropriate solutions. The first step is to boost the book Food Forever to bring this information to every corner of the planet and contribute to the global and local discussions. In this Phase we ask companies to help us boost the message, develop some translations to bring the discussions to non-english speaking countries and organize some partner seminars on each continent to gather the first ideas. This will be done in 2017 and 2018.

The second steps to create the first playgrounds; one on each continent or appropriate country. We want to invite the partners to help finalizing the framework and submit one idea for the playgrounds to focus on. Each playground will choose their unique proposition. The first playgrounds will share and exchange the best practices through an online platform.

We will ask the partners to:

- do an online webinar

- help to create businesscases around the ideas

- assist and/or visit the playgrounds if necessary and possible

- become a formal partner of one of the playgrounds


We will give the partners:

- Publicity on the feeding good partner page

- First hand outcomes of the playgrounds

- Access to new business cases

- possibility to pilot products and ideas


Together with you we can create the evidence of resilient food cultures