Feeding Good trends that help you to understand the future of food

The price and availability of food follows the availability and price of resources and the taxing of downsides of consumption (obesity, animal welfare). Amazingly, all resources in the world are for free; we may pay for transportation or cleaning but not for the resources itself. Nutrients, fossil fuels, clean water and biodiversity are all becoming scarce, resulting in higher food prices. Feeding Good developed various macrotrends that show the impact of resource prices and/or consumer perceptions on food. Those macrotrends can be used to understand future changes in food systems and food cultures and help to make your business or policy more flexible and adaptive. In the pictures below some pages from Food Forever describing macrotrends and implementations.

Some of the macrotrends are:

- Food cultures will change as a result of using ingredients with a lower footprint

- The size of the future food industry will be directly related to the amount of available nutrients

- Future farming location will be determined by the relationship between the amount of resources used in production and transport

- Changing power in the food chain will strengthen the position of farmers and consumers

- Food security is created regionally risks are imported