Food Forever, recipes for a healthy planet

Food Forever is the result of 15 years of thinking and experimenting with food and sustainability. During the intense three years of writing topics became more practical and slowly the concept of sustainability changed into resilience. In fact, Food Forever describes tomorrow's discussion about sustainability. Food Forever starts with describing global and local challlenges like more people, richer populations, resources and the human interference in food systems. 

The second chapter consist of thirty interviews with people from 25 countries to give you new anker points for change. Chapter three translates the global challenge into practical sustainable dietary guidelines, further implemented by 70 recipes in chapter four.

Chapter five introduces the concept of resilient food cultures, economical macrotrends to follow and introduces new concept like a food culture map, collaborate culinary memories, the food pattern transition model that together create a framework that culinary schools in the future can use to create their experimental culinary playgrounds.