Mission and Vision


1. Feeding Good wants to make sure current and next generations have access to sufficient, healthy, tasteful and divers food. Sufficient relates to food security; health to an energetic and prosperous life; tasteful that meets the demands of every culture and divers that it consist of a wide range of ingredients. Feeding Good starts where the food chain ends; on the plate or sometimes even in the toilet.

2. Feeding Good wants to detect, unlock, test and scale extraordinary new ideas that might be able to solve problems in food societies.


1. Feeding Good envisions chefs as the professional consumers; the shepherds of food cultures and the professionals who highly influence what and how we eat. Chefs are the professionals to experiment with new ideas and make your policy sexy!

2. Sustainability is of course important, but will not be enough to safeguard our existence on this planet; we have to change our lifestyle to make food cultures resilient to challenges ahead. But how this works we do not know yet and therefore Feeding Good want to set up 'experimental culinary playgrounds' within culinary schools (future professionals) to find ways to make food cultures and systems resilient.