Feeding Good, the pathfinder through the jungle of sustainable food

Lars Charas, founder of feeding good, has fifteen year of experience in gastronomic perspectives on sustainable food and specialized in resilient food cultures and systems. As a Chef, farmer and economical geographer Charas is able to combine the theoretical and practical implications of change. Charas has a direct network of chefs, businesses and (non-)governmental organizations in over 50 countries and use this network to find ideas, develop concepts and understand the foundation of change. We believe there are hundreds of unlocked ideas, imaginations and dreams that can be used to find new ways to feed the planet in the future. Don't expect the ordinary, Feeding Good searches for the extraordinary to provide you and others with solutions how to combat the most severe challenges of our time.

Charas wil execute the presentations, workshops, etc under his own name and the Feeding Good Foundation will solely focus on the creation of the experimental culinary playgrounds.

We dream of a global community with sufficient, healthy, tasteful and divers food; and you?