Feeding Good Movement

Lars Charas, the founder of Feeding Good, is an author, designer, concept developer and trendwatcher researching the deep and dark sides of sustainable food. Lars believes the acceptance that we are screwed and leave our children with a largely inhabitable planet is the starting point for change. Only then we can start to re-design and co-develop back-up systems that are able to feed the planet in the future. The young among us are our heroes, they are the dreamers, without the balast of experience, able to lead the way.

Feeding Good strongly believes chefs are the agents of change. Chefs are the shepherds of food cultures and highly influence what and how we eat. Feeding Good wants to create experimental culinary playgrounds within culinary schools to find solutions for local challenges. Those playgrounds will unlock hundreds of new marvelous and crazy ideas among the next generation professionals to find ways to make food cultures and systems resilient. The book 'Food Forever, recipes for a healthy planet' provides the first framework. Feeding Good is your pathfinder through the jungle of sustainable food. 

We hope you enjoy us and our food!